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Kind Acts and Pleasant Words Promote Health

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24 -- {ML 152.1}

Kind, cheerful, encouraging words will prove more effective than the most healing medicines. These will bring courage to the heart of the desponding and discouraged, and the happiness and sunshine brought into the family by kind acts and encouraging words will repay the effort tenfold. The husband should remember that much of the burden of training his children rests upon the mother, that she has much to do with molding their minds. This should call into exercise his tenderest feelings, and with care should he lighten her burdens. He should encourage her to lean upon his large affections and direct her mind to heaven, where there is strength and peace and a final rest for the weary. -- {ML 152.2}

His kindness and loving courtesy will be to her a precious encouragement, and the happiness he imparts will bring joy and peace to his own heart. -- {ML 152.3}

The sweetest type of heaven is a home where the Spirit of the Lord presides.... Anything that would mar the peace and unity of the family should be firmly repressed, and kindness and love should be cherished. -- {ML 152.4}

Home should be a place where cheerfulness, courtesy, and love abide; and where these graces dwell, there will abide happiness and peace. -- {ML 152.5}

Those who are fighting the battle of life at great odds may be refreshed and strengthened and encouraged by little attentions which cost nothing. Kindly words simply spoken, little attentions simply bestowed, will sweep away the clouds of temptation which gather over the horizon of the soul. -- {ML 152.6}

Under the influence of meekness, kindness, and gentleness, an atmosphere is created that will heal and not destroy. -- {ML 152.7}

From My Life Today page 152.

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